A Different Dublin…. Loyalist Dublin from 1886- 1921

Most know the Orange Institution still has a presence in the Republic of Ireland, but few realise that there is a thriving Orange Lodge in Dublin City who still meet in their own Hall in Ballsbridge. On Tuesday 12th April that very Hall was opened for a public event for the first time, with the occasion being a historical evening and presentation organised by Dublin and Wicklow Loyal Orange Lodge 1313. The venue was packed and I had the honour of delivering a short paper to the assembled crowd, tracing Dublin Loyalism through the period covering the four consecutive Government of Ireland Acts. Orangeism in Dublin is currently going through a resurgence, with plans to open several new lodges in the coming months and years. The reopening of Trinity College LOL is already at an advanced stage, and is open to graduates of the famous University. For more information on Dublin Orangeism visit LOL 1313 website or LOL 1313 Facebook page

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